CAT Ultimate

What sort of cartridges is anyone running the Ultimate with. Lyra Helikon? Enough output in the cartridge for the phono stage.
I have a Koetsu Rosewood Signature , .65mv and am using a CAT Preamp. The phono stage does NOT have enough gain. From what I understand and have been told you need either a step up transformer or a cartridge with approx. with at least 1.0mv output with .8mv as a minimum.

I don't want to use a step up so I will probably sell my Koetsu??. Not sure what I'm going to use to replace it. Am looking forward to others posts re: this matter.
My Benz Ruby H cart workes great with my Ultimate.
I also use a Ruby H and it works fine with the CAT Ultimate. But, remember this is only part of the story. The input impedence of your power amp and how that mates with the CAT can affect the issue. With my 335 I have no problem but a different power amp may increase your need for cartridge output.
im using a crown jewel se ..53mV works but not enough gain.(no low bass or dynamics) just got a step up ,what a difference..but now i think im overloading.
anyway to lower the gain on the cat phono stage or turn it into a MM stage?????
I am using Benz Micro Ref. which I am very happy works very well with the Ultimate.