Cat Stevens remaster cd's

I still have the lp's of his first 3 albums(Tea for the Tillerman, Teaser and the Firecat, & Mona Bone Jakon)...even plan to frame them as "artwork" for my game room. They are not in great condition due to the poor quality trntables that played them way back when. I plan to replace them eventually after my current tt is repaired but also would like to get them on cd. I see they have been remastered and even have some "bonus" tracks. Was wondering if anybody has heard them and can comment on the quality of the remasters?
the remastered cd's from uni/a&m are superb. i have the vinyl, but the cd's are just as good.
Jaybo, are you referring to the reissues done in 2000 or the more recent ones with the bonus materials? Some have said the 2000 reissues are as good as the 2008 and I'm not sure I'm really interested in the bonus tracks anyways. Not sure if the 2008 bonus stuff is all on the 2nd disc and the 1st disc is the same original songs only but there's just something that rubs me the wrong way when I listen to a cd of an old album and it's not exactly the same tracks start to finish.
I haven't heard the 2008 releases yet, I have a 2000 and 199? release of Teaser, the 2000 release sounds much better than the older release, no problems with it's sound quality.
I saw a Tea for the Tillerman, with the bonus tracks the other day. It was 2008 Universal w/ the fancy packaging. It was $29.99. I have the MFSL gold cd, so I held off. My MFSL does sound very good IMO, but I may splurge on the new one. It had some live tracks from the Majicat concert, if I remember. Say what you will about MFSL, but my Teaser and the Firecat sounds awesome on MFSL vinyl.
i've got both series and they are equally fine.
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Looks like I can't go wrong with any of them! Good to know. Time to go shopping!
I was wandering through Best Buy the other night and found an audiophile LP on 180 gram vinyl of Tea for the Tillerman. A really good reissue... good dynamic range, very quiet. What a thrill just to cut the wrapper and open a brand new record. My wife and I sat and played it through - twice! Nothing quite like good vinyl.