Cat Stevens.... Great Artist or Wacko?

Just bought Cat's remastered CDs. Pretty impressive. It's a shame how much more great music he could of created. We all know the story, he chose another path. Where does he rank among writers of the 70's? With all of his recent interviews and VH-1's behind the Music, is he just misunderstood? Is he coming out for all these interviews to ultimately increase sales of all the recent remastered CD releases? No matter what is behind the man, in my opinion he ranks right up there with the 70's writers/singers and his music is everlasting through time.
He was very big in the 70s.Made plenty of money to .But he found God and just Stopped.....
Politics aside, Catch Bull at Four is a passionate and melodic album. <3 
Well his political views must have modified for the state dept. to re issue him a working VISA as he is touring in America. I enjoy Tea and Teaser but he lost me after that although I have played one of his recent works lately Roadsinger and enjoy it.