CAT SL 1Pre. Need confirmation re: Tube Complement

I would like some help regarding tube info on a CAT SL-1 MK 3 unit. If anyone has this unit, please tell me what the tube complement is in the V6 & V7 positions (line inputs). Is it 12AU7 or 6DJ8 types?

Is the MK 3 a HUGE improvement over the MK 2 unit?

All your help is greatly appreciated...
According to Ken Stevens, the 3 is a HUGE improvement over the 2. On his advice, coupled with my lack of funding for a new Ultimate, I bought a Mark III. (Very happy w/it.)
The line stage tube complement is as follows:
V5, V6, V10 are 6922(6DJ8,ECC88)
V7, V8 are 12AX7(ECC803S)

Phono side is similar:
V1, V2, V5 are 6922(6DJ8,ECC88)
V3, V4 are 12AX7(ECC803S)

Cheers, Spencer
Spencer's input is basically correct but some of the numbers are jumbled up a bit. I have a Mk3 unit as well.
Phono section info is exactly correct.
Line section: V6, V7 & V10: 6922
V8, V9: 12AX7 &
I believe that the Mk2 used to use 12AU7 instead of the 6922. This was a noisier tube & the Mk2, for some reason, "ate" these 12AU7 tubes rather quickly. (Maybe they were biased too high?)
Also, hope that Ken S. will see this thread & maybe give us his inputs.

GREAT help guys...thank you very much!!
It's funny, I was looking directly at a photocopy from the manual that Bombaywalla sent me, since me used pre didn't have the manual included. That page was apparently mis-labeled as there were two locations labeled V5 and none labeled V9. If I re-number them going top down, then left to right, as in the phono side, then Bombaywalla's labeling above makes perfect sense. Guess the manual had an error at some point in time.
Sorry for any confusion...Cheers,
I see quite a few of what looks like 20 year old yellow polypropylene capacitors in my SL1. I mentioned this to my engineer and he said if this is true we will want to uprade them all.

Can anyone comment on this upgrade possibility?

Just ask Ken, it might even be serial#-dependent. Cheers,
Any advise on brands of tubes that work well in the MKii. I have read that CAT preamps will eat certain brands. Any opinions?
Looking for phone number to contact Ken; any info down that road?

Carl, Ken can be contacted at 585-359-2700. I am sure he can let you know if updates are available. From what I am reading I do not think I am going to get the update right now.