Cat SL-1 reference vs Sonic Frontiers line-1

They are similary priced (used), and if would to choose SFL-1 i would naturally go with SFS-2 amp (110wpc)I am still 50/50. What amp would you recommend for Cat pre amp? I need at least 80wpc for Watt/Puppy 5.1 in medium sized room. Looking for accuracy in timbre, soundstage and detail, detail...! Thanks for your time!
I have a CAT Ultimate and your speakers. I had a VT 100mk2 and switched to a ML 335. While the ARC amp was fine the 335 really made the Wilson's sing. A large inprovement in the bass control with little to no drawbacks in the traditional tube strongpoints. With the superior bottom end the body of instruments took on a whole new meaning.

My point is the 5.1's need a lot more power and current than what you may have been led to believe. The impedence curve of these speakers is a real strain on the amp. If you want to go tubes get at least 200w amps, a 110w tube amp will not get all there is to get out of your speakers.
Egrady, thanks for your suggestion! What kind of music do you listen? I listen all classical, and do you think ML will be as good as tubes in midrange? I do not want to spend more than $5K. Rgds!
I listen to mostly classical, about 90% vinyl. The ML doesn't have a bloomy midrange, but it has a smooth accurate one. The Wilson's have a tendency to be ruthlessly revealing so the 335's mid hall tonal balance is a good match.

What I'm suggesting for you is to consider a better solid state amp or a higher powered tube amp than 110w. With my VT 100 to many recordings were bright and unpleasant. With the 335 I discovered that while the ARC is a fine amp, it didn't have enough juice to drive the 5.1's and as a result the bass foundation suffered. The tonal balance with the 335 was better because the bass fundamentals were there and balanced out the sound. The body of instrumentals could be heard and felt.

Overall the 335 made a big difference, even on a string quartet the improvement in the sound of the cello was noticeable. While the ARC might have had just a shade, and I mean very small, more bloom the 335 was by far the better amp. The 5.1's need power and only sound their best when they get it.