CAT SL-1 phono loading question...................

I have the CAT SL-1 Mk 2 but I am missing the rca cartridge loading plugs for the phono section.

Where can I buy replacements other than through CAT? Must I use CAT supplied plugs or is there an existing alternative product that can perform the same duties?

Thanks much for the comments!!
You can make your own with some resistors (get fancy audiophile-grade resistors). Also you can hand-select them with an Ohm-meter to make sure the left and right match. Use fancy cardas silver-solder. Cardas probably sells RCA plugs for DIY cable makers that would work great too. My CAT didn't have 100ohm plugs so I modified a set of plugs by replacing the resistors.
Michael Percy sold me a pair of WBT's which had vishay's soldered to them. They sound excellent as loading plugs. Highly recommend.
About four years ago, I had CAT make me some new impedance plugs for a CAT Sl-1 Mk. 3 I was using at that time in my system. In my case, I had them make custom impedance plugs with values that were not in the range of the plugs that came as standard equipment with the preamp. My recollection is that the impedance plugs were not expensive and that CAT was very quick with turnaround. I think I received the new plugs within a week of talking with CAT.
Perhaps one of you fellows can tell me what the purpose of the pair of RCA inputs labeled "LOAD" on the SL1 Reference Preamplifier. I am guessing it has something to do with the cartridge loading/??

Pairs of "loading plugs" connect to the jacks, and each pair changes the loading. A CAT should come with a set of numerous pairs that will allow experimentation and changing the values while an LP is playing. When no jack is connected, I believe the value is the standard 47k ohms. Ken will sell you a set if you need them, but some folks have also made their own with resistors from Rat Shack, etc. Cheers,