Cat Scratch Fever?

Looks like another non-believer in what's going on got served.

Mid 70's was maybe the crossroad of R&R. A combination of great music/musicians and it changing with the times. Bands were incorporating more "visual"-Alice, Kiss....

Underneath Ted's persona is a real deal guitar player who along with Derek St Holmes, did a debut  album that stands the test of time. I lost interest by the time the thread title album came out.

Oh well, Ted will overcome Covid, and probably  start talkin the Ted usually does. I dig 1975  guitar Ted, but not political Ted.


This era of Ted might be his best outside of the Amboy Dukes.
Just before Ted decided he had to be even more Ted Nugent.


   Amboy dukes are great! So is his solo stuff, and the damn Yankees are good also!
  He became a much better guitar player as he played more.
more technical. He plays the picking style of guitar play, vs the down stroke method.  
  Rock n Roll!
@dletch2 -- I also have more respect for Alice Cooper if only for his amazing cameo on Wayne's World.