Cat Scratch Fever?

Looks like another non-believer in what's going on got served.

Mid 70's was maybe the crossroad of R&R. A combination of great music/musicians and it changing with the times. Bands were incorporating more "visual"-Alice, Kiss....

Underneath Ted's persona is a real deal guitar player who along with Derek St Holmes, did a debut  album that stands the test of time. I lost interest by the time the thread title album came out.

Oh well, Ted will overcome Covid, and probably  start talkin the Ted usually does. I dig 1975  guitar Ted, but not political Ted.


Did it take long to make sure everything you wrote is incorrect?
"But I believe the speakers were ESS."

Great memory jsd52756!
They are still in business too.

"Is that the one from James Dean movie?"

Yes, glupson, it is the observatory in "Rebel without a cause"
Laserium was just a bunch of lasers projected onto the ceiling operated by a "laser jockey" in synch with VERY loud rock.

You and a date could still sneak up to the Hollywood Sign nearby with a bottle of  booze that a random person adult purchased for you while standing in front of the liquor store.

Fisher, we are all adults. It may not be obvious, but we appear to be. I think we can decide what we want to read or not. The best disinfectant is sunlight.

The so called shot is not a vaccine. It is a rdna synthetic gene therapy. You want the shot go get it and stfu those who don’t it is within there right not to. I won’t go into the rest but this will sum it up.

”You are subjecting your self to a life changing shot and wearing a mask based only on the fact your government told you to.

And the best cure for making statements like this is education. 

1) MRNA vaccines are absolutely vaccines. They do not make you immune by modifying your DNA, no matter what you may read on the web. A "normal" vaccine uses dead viral particles, or parts of dead virus to stimulate an immune response. MRNA vaccines tell cells in your body to generate spike proteins the same as Covid19 spike proteins, but not the whole virus obviously. Then, your body, in the normal course of fighting disease, develops the ability to deal with the spike proteins, which allows it subsequently to fight a real infection. 

2) Masks work. Period.  Getting infected is a statistical event. Not every viral particle makes someone sick. It gets stuck in mucus, your bodies immune systems kills it, etc.  The more viral particles you are exposed to, the greater odds you will end up with an infection. That is how diseases in general and respiratory aerosol infections transmit. We know, with absolute certainty, that wearing a mask reduces the particles you emit, and we know that wearing ones reduces the viral particles you inhale. The better the mask on each end, the better the protection. It is not perfect, and it does not need to be. The critical goal is to get reduce the infection rate which stops spread. Whether you believe that to be true or not, does not matter.

Now if you want to talk about rights, there is a common saying, I think most agree with it. YOUR rights END where MINE BEGIN.  If you don't want to wear a mask, or get vaccinated, that is your choice, your right. However,  you don't have a right to, through willful negligence put me, my kids, my parents, my family, or my friends at risk. Don't wear a mask. Don't get a shot. Fine. Just stay away from other people. Don't go shopping. Don't go to the mall. Work from home. Be a hermit. However, if you want to participate in society, and have the benefits of society, then you need to make personal sacrifices. My grandparents took up arms and defended the country with their lives. All you have to do is wear a mask and get a shot that is going to do nothing but greatly increase your chances of not dying.