Cat Scratch Fever?

Looks like another non-believer in what's going on got served.

Mid 70's was maybe the crossroad of R&R. A combination of great music/musicians and it changing with the times. Bands were incorporating more "visual"-Alice, Kiss....

Underneath Ted's persona is a real deal guitar player who along with Derek St Holmes, did a debut  album that stands the test of time. I lost interest by the time the thread title album came out.

Oh well, Ted will overcome Covid, and probably  start talkin the Ted usually does. I dig 1975  guitar Ted, but not political Ted.

In 2020 39,000,000 contracted the Flu.   20,000 died
Feb 2020 to Feb 2021 29,000,000 contracted Covid 520,000 died

Sad but true

....comes out of it, recovers fully and can then speak to what a crappy experience it was and how grateful he is to the healthcare workers..."
Yeah, right!

Here is one example of how it really goes...

millercarbon 04-09-2021 11:13pm

............So all I will do is reiterate to never set foot in a hospital unless you absolutely must, and then beat tracks out of there as fast as you can, all the while telling yourself the whole time the doctor is talking, "This guy is lying, he is lying, lying, lying to me. Oh God there he goes again lying. Liar liar healthcare’s on fire."