Cat s new stereo amplifier

Has anyone heard Convergent Audio's new stereo amp or hace information on it's specs. I believe it will retail for $10,000. I am considering purchasing this amp or an Audio Research VT200 MK2 to drive Wilson's Watt/puppy 5.1's. My preamp is a Cat signiture MK3. Any comments or opinions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
I will be auditioning the CAT Ultimate/power amp combo this coming W/E. Not vs. an AR, though... Also, speakers will be A-Physics (starting with Avanti, Caldera, Medea; as far as the amp will go), rather than your Wilsons.
Note: this will take place at the dealer's -- NOT home.

I you think my impressions are relevant with this set-up, don't hesitate to contact me.
BTW, I love the CAT pre!
I do mean "Don't hesitate to contact me if you think my impressions with that set-up are relevant to you".