CAT or BAT????

I am upgrading my preamp to either the CAT Ultimate SL-1 or the BAT VK50SE. Building new system, and already have: Electrocompaniet EMC-1 mk2, EAD powermaster 2000, (also need new speakers, looking at silverline and soliloquy for the $). My listening room is 18x19.5, and my taste in music is wide open. I want the best midrange "partner" for the EMC, and very dynamic. Suggestions? Thanks! Dave
The CAT will soundstage better, the BAT is only ballanced (in and out) The CAT is only single ended. Both are at the top for dynamics, build quality goes to CAT. Longevity goes to CAT, pride of ownership goes to CAT. Need a remote-go with BAT. Need a readout for volume go with BAT. Ever want to go single ended low watt go with CAT. Sound quality is a tie. The safer way to go even though they are both great preamps is the CAT in my opinion. I think resale price goes to CAT also.
I would have to argue with above comments. I have owned my VK-50SE along with the Electrocompaniet mk2, BAT VK-60 monoblock and a pair of Verity Audio Parsifal Encore speakers for just over a year. I auditioned more then a couple of pre amps before I purchased my VK-50. Soundstage is unreal--very deep and very smooth. When I listen to music, some of the instruments sound like they are comming from the back of the room and others sound close, just like they would in a live performance--and that is what we are searching for. Build quilty of all BAT products is second to none and there customer service is unmatched! In my opinion, you should audition both if you can and let your ears and your heart decide for you. All I can tell you is the VK-50SE really draws you into the music, you feel the emotion come through true and clear. There are alot of great preamps out there to choose from and you have picked two winners---good luck!
why not add SF Line 3 SE to the list? Best of both world - both RCA and XLR input and output. Soundstage is wide and deep, bass is tight and tuneful. It might not have the speed of BAT, it might not have the warmth of CAT, but it has a very good balance from top to bottom. And price much lower. Build quality is also top notch!
Just wanted to weigh in on the speakers. I have a pair of silverline sonata II and I am very happy with the warmth and detail. They're a very efficient speaker with a Very stable load so they're great for tube amps. As to the pre-amps, I've heard nothing but praise for the CAT.
Try the BAT 51SE or the 31SE first. Or my fav the First Sound Presence preamp.