Measuring audio quality with your cat

I have a cat who loves to jump up on the back of my listening chair and listen to jazz but she is quite discriminating about the quality of the sound (or so it seems to me) She generally flees from "noise" like the vac and ignores sound from the TV and even CD's but if I play high resolution audio on my DAC or analog that quickly gets her attention. My theory is that cats are naturally predisposed to be interested in sound that has lots of locational information. So if a mouse they can't see, is making noise, they can position it based on the sound. But if a CD or TV has all its sound eminating from a direction that provides little infomation about 3d movement, this is uninteresting. Anyone have a similar experience?
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Cats have very sharp hearing and it's no wonder.
I have bird (Blue Macaw 1m 12cm long from head to tail) that only appreciates classical music and gets scared or irritated when I'd spin let's say some industrial trans or house. He's now 'toddler' and not even 2 years old as they reach human lifespan or over. Other types of music he's newtral, but seen other birds that admire female vocals. As he gets older, his habbits and interests are changing quite quick and maybe he'll diversify himself onto more styles of music.
Our cat "tweedy" surprisingly loves SON VOLT but not WILCO. Our other cat "farrar" ran away - it'll be a year ago now this summer - because tweedy was hanging out too much with his girl friend (the neighbors cat).

Loud volumes are a turn off for the lil' fellah but rock he digs and hangs out in front of the rig paws stretched out and practically drooling whenever he hears the music playing....
Jazz musicians that "got it" were referred to as a "cool cats"
You just happen to have is a "hip cat":)
I hope your cat is declawed for your speakers' sake. One minute of inattention can cost you a driver. I learned the hard way several years ago and will never make this mistake again. I'll stick to measuring audio quality with my own ears :)
Fat Pi' Sant frequently occupies a second sweet spot on a hassock, her ears cat-scanning to soundstage and layering effects. I don't discuss these things with her as I fear I can't hold my own in such a discussion.

A second cat, Mandu, leaves the room when I play favorites at volume. I conclude she has terrible taste in music.

Have one like Fat Pi' Sant, ears always scanning. Have another that can't seem to figure out that the music is coming from directly ahead. She's always looking towards the rear of the house for something... The other two couldn't care less about the music.
My cats like Nora Jones. So do I. But come on...You might be on to something there. I got Telarc Chiller as a gift but I can't play it. It's cruelty to kitties.
My cat always sits on my speakers or on my stereo cabinet when I am playing vinyl. I just got a tube amp upstairs and he sits on the speakers up there now also. When I have TV or CD on downstairs, he settles by the window. He likes the public radio classic that I leave on for him during the day :).