CAT monoblocks....

Anyone ever hear these? I'm a huge fan of CAT pre-amps but have never had a chance to audition their amps and haven't seen any reviews..thanks.
I agree, the CAT preamps are wonderful and quite a bargain. From what I was told, thier reference amp is $10,000 more than the one that is essentially identical to it, other than an incredibly expensive power supply. I have heard that they are wonderful. Unfortunately there is no marketing effort at all and it is almost impossible to get a call back from anyone other than one tech who could not answer my questions. I may be wrong, but I think they are only single ended.

They came highly recommended to me by someone at Wilson. He owned them and was very pleased until he replaced them with Atma-sphere. He now LOVES the Atma-spheres.

What speakers are you using?
Thanks for your reply..I am currently using Sonus Faber Extremas but I may change the speakers for something more tube friendly.
once you heard the Atma-Spheres, ALL output-transformer amps sound like, well, listening from another room.
Superclamp..which models in particular? How good is the MA1 mk2? Would it have enough power to run my Extremas..thanks.