CAT JL2 Signature transparency vs OTL

I compared two systems recently Avalon Eidolon/CAT JL2 vs Kharma 3.2Fe/Tenor 75Wp/Sub. Kharma/Tenor prevailed in transparency. That was obvious on two CDs: Cassandra Wilson ‘Rendezvous’, ‘Old devil Moon’ track and Filippa ‘Casta Diva’. Since then I was wondering how I could improve transparency of my system and was thinking about an upgrade to CAT JL2 Signature. Do you know how CAT JL2 Signature performs on transparency scale against Tenor 75Wp (or other OTL amplifiers)?

Other components were identical apart for a venue:
Meridian 508.24,
ARC Ref3,
Stereovox cable.

Eavr11: The CAT JL2 cannot compete with the Tenor OTL's nor most other OTL's in the area of transparency, speed and clarity.

The CAT JL2 or most transformer coupled amplifiers can handle difficult speaker loads better and that is where it ends.

If you need more power, consider a used Tenor Hybrid amplifier which has the same exact input stage as the OTL's with a much more controled output and gobs of power. The Hybrid has identical mids and highs but a much better bottom end and a more natural balance.

I have heard them on Avalon Diamonds as well as on Kharmas and they are far superior to both the OTL and the CAT.
The Kharma is a fairly easy load for tubes and there are also other OTLs that make more power that might also be an option.

You will find that OTLs win transparency contests rather easily! I would not feel disappointed about that if I were you- OTLs have had that reputation for 4 decades.
I have heard Avalon Eidelons driven by Atma-Sphere OTL's and a CAT JL-2 with associated components basically remaining unchanged. The presence of transparency with the OTL is easily noticed, but the sense of weight and density I found more pronounced with the CAT. Both amps offered a very musical presentation, but I lean (no pun) towards the OTL's inner detail and delineation.

That was the memorable session, wasn't it!