CAT JL-2 vs Tenor 75Wi Wp

Because I was so satisfied about sound quality from Tenor 75Wi on Wilson WP5.1 speakers I dont know if I am convinced to buy me CAT JL-2 Mk2 power amp?
In my previous thread I asked about differences between CAT and Lamm amps driving WP 6 or 7 but I steel dont know which amp to buy! The problem is I can not go and listen to CAT and LAMM on WP speakers because we dont have dealers in my countrie which have all this stuff!
Tenor 75Wi(OTL) was incredible in my mind but how would you describe differences between it and CAT JL-2?
Thank you.
You are aware that Tenor is out-of-business,The 75s had the problem of going up in smoke on occasion.Hopefully you can buy a reliable pair,repair could be a problem.
Thanks Tpsonic.
Yes I will think twice if buying me some pair.
Have you listen to both amps?
Never heard the CAT.Sorry,can't make any comparisons for you.
Tenor 75 is more transparent then CAT JL2 but there is CAT JL2 Signature. CAT has better dynamics. Tube maintenance with CAT JL2 is more expensive. Tenor need very careful speaker matching. High sensitivity 8 Ohm speakers are preferable for them. CAT can drive any speakers.

I own CAT JL2 and very heavy load speakers Avalon Eidolon. If Avalon would not be that heavy load I would definitly consider OTL design amplifier and of cause Tenors would be on top of my list
Tenor amplifier can be easely repared at "Coup de Foudre" in Montreal (a guy who participate in the construction of their amplifier work there)

And Tenor is not out-of-business anymore !

They are going to come back with a new hybrid amp + pre.
They are, but the price difference between the JL2 Sig and the new Tenor is quite big. Hard to imagine anything much better than the CAT, but I suspect the new Tenor will be superb, but at the price difference you would need to have money to burn to justify IMHO.
FWIW Avalons are a very linear load impedance and so larger tube amplifiers in general have no problem with them.

The Watt/Puppy 5 has always been an easy load and is probably a little easier to drive from what I've seen, but its nice to have the extra power if its available; 60 watts is OK but 120 or more helps a lot.
I second Ralph (Atma) thoughts.

I have had trully OUTSTANDING results driving my Eidolons Vision with both 16W and 30W SET amps in a 19 x 14 room.

When I read those comments on how difficoult the Eidolons are to drive, I always wonder, where do they come from.