CAT JL-2 mk II vs VTL S-400

Has anyone tried both amps and offer an opinion ?

I have almost narrowed my choice to two of those. The price for both in Europe is almost the same, BTW. I want to use the amp between my Avalon Eidolons and AA Capitole mk II SE CDP.

Any thoughts? TIA
What i heard about the newer line of VTL is that the old series were better.

I think the CAT is the better one, btw can you list to both ?

Search this forum, to see what's people opinion is about CAT!
I know that ppl lean towards CAT on this forum but ... I have some concerns about the tonal balance I will get from this combo.

Both Avalon's and CAT's qualities are most often described as pristine clarity, fine sharp details,speed,very extended top/bottom frequencies,great PRAT etc as opposed to organic sense, natural timbres, an easy flowing liquidity.

And since I like the latter more (i.e. organic sound) I'm a bit afraid that I may not like the sound of CAT & Avalon combo. That is why I'm looking for alternatives.
I have run the Avalon Ascent MK2 with Manley 350's and the purchased the Avalon Osiris and ran them on Manley 350's.
I then purchased the CAT JL2 and used it on the Osiris. The CAT easily betters the Manley (basically a VTL). The key with the CAT is to replace the signal tubes (6922's, 12AX7's and 12AU7's) with NOS tubes that will refine and tailor the sound to your taste. Some people like Telefunken, I like Amperex and Mullard in that order. The Amperex in particular will give you musicality, texture, body, without sacrificing detail or dynamics. The cabling is also crucial. There is nothing more organic than top of the line Stealth. I did hear the VTL S-400 at a show in NYC and it didn't have the warmth of their older designs
but sounded accurate and good. I can't remember all the components in this system but there were Wilson Alexandria?
The pre was the VTL 7.5 and the cabling and front end was all $$$$.