Cat friendly or actually unfriendly speaker

So my wife adopts a cat and now my speaker choices are more limited. Using at present a Plinius 8200mkII (175 watts)and have been using Joseph AUDIO RM7 mK11. Am looking for floorstanding speakers with speakers and grills well out of reach of a cat or another monitor that is special, a "step up" from the Josephs. Room is about 17 x 13 with hardwood floors and not a tremendous amount of absorbent furniture (which I know will impact on anything I get), speakers will be along the long wall, Also speakers need to be relatively easy to move for listenig or not more than 12-18 incles off the back wall (which is actually floor to ceiling bookcase). Thinking of Spendor sp1/2, harbeth compact 7 (which would be slightly more than my upper $ limit used), Totem Forest. Will be looking for these speakers used. Your help would be greatly appreciated, and no my wife will not consent to have the cat de-clawed.
Like jaybo said. Nothing changes here unless you want to go over $2500/pair.
Yeah, practically, don't let a cat run your life. Just give kitty a really nice and accessible scratching post in another room. If he goes where cats were not meant to be, a water spray bottle is the best solution. He'll probably put two and two together and stay away.

If its any consolation, I once owned 3 cats and a pair of beautiful Magnepan scratching posts and this solution worked just fine for me.

BTW, two cats may be better than one in this scenario. Nothing is more ornery than a bored cat! A playmate can help.
I Use Plinius 8200mk2 as well, and I have a pair of Spendor SP2/3R bookshelves. They are rather large bookshelves, if your listening room isn't too large, SP2/3R is a good all rounder. I have two cats on my own so i know how annoying it is. As i found out one of my cats jumped up the speakers at night, i now get some cardboards with spray on(called "keep off"), and leave them on top of the speakers overnight. Yet if your speaker stand is 50cm or below, cats can reach it, they won't understand why you are raising your voice and run toward them while they are having fun scratching.
Just experiment some smell with your cat, get the strong smell it doesn't like and place it on top and around it, so your cat will be conditioned to dislike that area, mind you cats only have memory related to feeding and hunting, for everything else, it's your effort to remind your cat on daily basis!
good luck
My cat understood exactly what I was saying when I lectured her after she jumped up on my speaker. There wasn't a need to remind her on a daily basis either, once was enough.