Cat amps

Looking at a great deal on Cat JL-1LE monos, How do they compare to the jl-2 stereo amp.
I owned a pair of JL-1 LE about five years ago. They powered a pair of Avalons with great success. My preamp at the time lacked frequency extension, coloring things to my dismay. Unfortunately, I laid the blame on the CATs, mostly due to having heard an OTL amp in my system with more of that extension I was seeking. Since, I have had my preamp modified, and I occassionally regret the sale of the JL-1's.

My friend also has Avalons and is driving them with a CAT JL-2. He has put a good deal of time into extracting the most from his set-up, and I must say, the system sounds fantastic. Outstanding frequency extension with bottom slam, and great conveyance of detail with the musicality Convergent's reputation is known for. Although, the Avalons desire power, his room is small, pairing the CAT and Avalons beautifully.

In my opinion, both these components may work for you. I would suggest that floor space, costs (extra power cord, base and tubes for the monos) and age may have to factor in.