CAT 5 in 2008 built house

Currently running a Netgear to move metadata upstairs to my Naim Core from downstairs modem.  I've been sufficiently berated for my pillock behavior; introducing countless frequency nasties into the system by way of the Netgear. Okay, I get it.  Help me move on.

Research says CAT 5 is 100 meters max run.  Temporarily, I'm considering running a winding 150ft. CAT 5 up the stairs from the modem until properly running it through the walls and then it should be properly upgraded anyway.

What say you geniuses?  And thank you only for the intelligent workable solutions.


I used high quality CAT 8 for my Speaker Cables. Bought 2 colors black and red, wrapped them around each other, impossible to confuse +/-, although the world does contain a few ....

CAT 6 has more shielding and would pick up less noise. Or, do the fiber thing with a nice piece of CAT 8 on the end. Noise is the enemy of digital, anything you can do to reduce it is good. 

100m ~= 300 feet!  So you are proposing half that distance.

There's no reason, at all, to run Cat 5 anymore.  Current home routers and modems often include 1 Gigabit speeds, which is too much for plain Cat 5.

Cat 6 is the minimum you should even contemplate today. 

PS - Sometimes it's easier to move the modem, especially if you have coax in the house.


2008... I am pretty sure it is Cat 5e, not Cat 5.

For the existing in-wall cabling Cat 5e, in most cases, is still adequate.

Like erik_squires said, I also would install Cat 6 minimum.

FWIW the cable’s performance is only as good as the connectors used and terminations of the cable pairs to the jacks.

My preference is Panduit.

Here a Mini-Com jack. Color is blue. You can pick another color...

Mini-Com® UTP RJ45 Cat 6 TG Jack Module, Blue - Panduit


You will need a EGJT-1 for the termination of the cable pairs to the jack. You can buy one for less than $5.00. Wholesale house that carry Panduit products will give you one free if you buy the jacks and wall plates from them.

TG Jack, Field Term Plug Termination Tool - Panduit


Here is a Youtube video on how to install the Mini-Com Cat 6 RJ45 jack.

Terminate Panduit Minicom Ethernet Cat 5 / 6 Network Jacks


Note, when the guy says Ethernet wiring color scheme is 568b. All Commercial is wired 568b. For some strange reason residential is 568a. Why 568a? Beats me. I wire all my jacks and plugs 568b. Either way works the same as long as both ends are wired the same. The jacks and plugs are stupid. They have no idea whether they are in an office building or in a residence. FWIW all pre-made patch cords are wired 568b.


What’s available? Example:


It is CAT 5e.  I just want to run a crazy length 150 ft. temporarily from the box downstairs to music server upstairs for now.  That should work unless told otherwise.  Will fix correctly in future.


Have you sourced a place to buy cat6 from yet?

Blue Jeans ready made cat6 and Cat6a Ethernet patch cables with RJ45 plugs.

Scroll down page for pricing. Cat5e, cat6, and Cat6a, Ethernet patch cables.


You specified 150ft. I assume you figured a little extra cable to be on the safe side. FYI, do not tightly coil up the excess cable. A tightly coiled Ethernet cable can cause data errors.


High Performance Cat6 ,30AWG, UL Listed,RJ45 Ethernet Patch Cable provides universal connectivity for

For $30.00...


Through all of this labyrinth, I'm doing CAT 6a through Blue Jeans Cable.  It will be temporarily run upstairs until such time I can have someone properly do an in-wall install.  Hope that meets with everyone's approval.  Thanks everyone.

If all you are running, is metadata… I would say it does not matter. If you are running music, it may matter.