Cat 5, 5a, 6, 6a, etc

I was on another thread amongst the non-insiders, and there was discussion regarding ethernet cables.
So, learned gentlemen and ladies, what is your take on how far up the Cat level does it make any difference to audio?
Is there a point of diminishing returns?


When I saw your previous post I was about to respond that pretty much all you were likely to find on the subsequent pages was a lot of controversy.

In any event, IMO whatever differences may result, if any, figure to be highly dependent on the specific designs and technical characteristics of the components being connected. Including (among many other things) signal risetimes and falltimes, which are almost never specified. So aside from the slim possibility that someone might have posted relevant experience somewhere involving the same or similar router, player, and optical terminal, your guess as to the potential benefit is as good as anyone else’s.

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Whatever happened to "Cat 10"?
 It was the only "Categorized", cabling that had an architecture and build quality inherent, that not only impressed me. But absolutely, "Floored", me. And that is hard to do.... "Let alone it's listed spec."
  I was sent some to play with after they had finalized the design, "Including a tool specific", "Kit". The cat-10, cabling specs at the time were all purely theoretical though as nothing existed which could actually, "physically",  test it. (Circa 1997)!  As in, "Testing it through to it's theoretical potential".
 Anyone ever learn of it's final disposition? Or even have any exp. with it?
Over the years I have asked after it several times. But except for myself? All seem to think that it never actually, "Physically" existed. At least at one time. I do remember that it was quite expensive. About 50 X, the cost of "Cat 6e" at that time. (They had simply skipped over the development of "Cat 7, & Cat 8", I was told).

Buy some 4, 5, and 6 cables shielded or unshielded and begin to play by substituting.and listening, like any other component.  Once you've got a preference for category, then try different brands and build qualities.  Getting a system optimized can never bypass listening.