Casual listening

I find that when I’m relaxed, listening at lower volumes and not intent on pursuing my Hifi ideal I enjoy the music more.

How about you?


I consider the casual listening, like I'm doing now as I type, at an optimal volume, which is lower than you ever hear at an audio show, that I am indeed pursuing my audiophile goal.  



Always looking for new interesting music no matter how it’s recorded poor or good and always looking for undiscovered old music no matter how it’s recorded poor or good.

I have a thread I started today about Amapiano music and a mix is posted in the thread, please check it out and let me know what you think when you have time. Thanks


If I am not having trouble doing critical listening, then I have the wrong gear.

I have returned stuff that sounded "perfectly" transparent because it lacked life.

I listen casually and often feel compelled to turn up the volume and be immersed in the music.

I listen to music for enjoyment and "critical listening" would seem to defeat that purpose. Listening to hear how certain instruments sound or if singer is off key would be defeating the purpose of listening. 

I know a guy who plays the guitar and on an album recorded by either Porcupine Tree or maybe RUSH there is supposedly an "error" and he says it ruins the whole song for him. I feel sorry for people like that and those that listen critically. 

My system exist solely for me to enjoy the music.  I have to confess that from time to time I find myself listening more to the sound quality than the music, but that is the exception not the rule.  I have pretty much reached my endgame system and can take great pleasure in just leaning back and enjoying it.  Audio systems should exist to enjoy music, not the other way around.