Casual listening

I find that when I’m relaxed, listening at lower volumes and not intent on pursuing my Hifi ideal I enjoy the music more.

How about you?


I bought a fix for that problem. For me the problem arises from having a system set up too well, i.e. the clarity and imaging are good enuf to become distracting (when listening in the sweet spot). I bought a Black Ice Foz SS, a device that allows you to apply more out of phase information which in turn creates a sound (variable of course) with the center image less in focus and the soundstage much larger. Reminds me of what panels and electrostats and omni's can) do. I put it in a tape loop and now I can read and listen to music at the same time. Just for fun! Anal folks need not apply. :-)

there certainly are different usage occasions for a hifi

good ones perform to make the owner/listener happy whichever the occasion may be, be it supplying casual background ambient tunes, to the most intent, focused listening

Not for me - I'm only playing my gear when I am actively listening to it - I don't keep music in the background for day-to-day activities, just like my TV is never on unless there is something I am particularly watching. That doesn't mean I'm evaluating the gear, just engaging brain more with music....

Hard for me to side with one camp over the other. With my present set up, I can luxuriate in the music, indulging my senses or listen casually with background music, which I've never been able to do before (on a daily basis). I think I found my audio niche. 

All the best,