Castle Inversion 15's

Has anybody had any experience with the British speaker Castle Inversion 15's, i.e., matching them with a pramp- amp combination. Are they a better match for tubes or solid state ???? Thanks for any response.
Sorry for the misspelling on the above question. I was in a hurry and forgot to check my spelling. Bruno
I was a bit unsure whether to respond. The only time I heard these was at a dealers - and they sounded brash and forward to me. While an experience at a dealers is probably not worth recounting, the interesting thing was that the dealer only demo'd them to me reluctantly and said, "I knew you wouldn't like them. Neither do I. It is Castle's attempt to make something different from their existing more conservative line, both in looks and sound." So I guess a pre & amp combination that is laid back might be in order. But I don't believe two wrongs make a right, or that brash sounding speakers can be made to sound right by adding a countervailing distortion like a laid back amp. Sorry to be so negative on this one.
There is a review in the latest Inner Ear magazine - which tends to disagree with the impressions I related in my previous post. It might help.
Thanks for the info Redkiwi