Castle Conway 3

I have just recently purchased a pair of Castle Conway 3. My initial impression was less than a positive one to much bass which in turn rendered the highs sort of harsh and not detailed at all.I'm happy to say that I have to a certain extend by removing a set of spacers from between the speaker and the plinths tamed the bass and got better mid range and highs. I'm using an Arcam A85 and P85 in a Bi-amped mode with some older MIT 750 Plus for the highs and some Audioquest Type 8 for the bottom, the CD player is also an Arcam CD73, interconnects are Audioquest Diamondbacks. I feel that the sound is still somewhat veiled and that it should sound better than it does. Do you guys think it could be the Arcam combo or is my choice of cabling less than ideal. Would more power 85x2 for both Integrated and power Amp, and better quality components than what I now have make a difference.Any opinions will be greatly appreciated .
Thanks Ross
Do your other sources (i.e tuner, record player, tv.,etc) leave the same impression? I'd change the spk. cabling first. The high freq. wire first. Kimber 4TC or perhaps AQ Type 4. Then see how things sound. It sounds to me the MIT's are rolling off the highs. The AQ Diamonbacks should not be at fault but you you may want to change them out in the future. I've heard good things about Kimber's "Hero" IC's. I can say from persoanal experience (as I have owned both the DB and AQ "Quartz" IC's) that Tara Labs Prism 33i and especially the 55's are a better sounding cable. I hope things work out for the better. Bill
hi moronicus, i would try standing on your head when listening to these speakers, the highs will become clearer and the mids will dazzel you, if you still aren't happy the mighty chenz will take them off your hands
Thanks for your response. I have been experimenting with switching the MIT and Audioquest in the inverse positions and the highs now seem more real, I also tried moving the speakers and it's amazing how the character of the speakers have changed just from moving them a few inches at the time. I now have them to what I consider optimum placement and the music is just incredible. Not to underrate the Arcam combo for their price point but I think that if the speakers can sound this good now how much better can they be with better amplification.
It is amazing how finding the right spk. positions can make the difference. The Arcams should serve you well for many years. Glad things worked out for the better. Bill