Caster Wheels vs. Spikes

My Tekton Double Impacts came with caster wheels, which made them very easy to move and reposition. They are sitting on probably fake wood floors in my apartment. They sound great now, but I can't help but wonder if I'm leaving SQ on the table by not having them on spikes. Some people say I must use spikes, others (including Erik Alexander) say wheels are just fine. They are super heavy so the wheels are not easy to take off. I want to make sure it's worth doing. What are your experiences and thoughts?
I'm in the "no big deal" camp. I dislike spikes and do not use them under my speakers.
Wheels are much easier to roll than spikes.
However, spikes are much easier to spike than wheels. : )
I'd go with the manufacturer on this one, especially with such heavy speakers as yours!
I have Vandersteen speakers that weigh 200 lbs each.  They came with spikes, but I tried them without...just inquisitive.  They are very much better with the spikes.  Everyone makes their own decisions.. with wood floors, the results might be defferent.