Cassettes still rock!

Played Dire Straits debut album last night - from a Maxell XL 2s cassette recorded from the vinyl over 30 years ago. Best sound I've heard on my system in months. I have the SACD, but doesn't have the organic sound from the tape/vinyl. Dig out your old cassettes! 
Cannot say as I have EVER thought cassettes were crap.

Do yourself a favour and listen to some very well recorded tapes on a great Nakamichi deck.

Then come back and comment with a less jaundiced eye.
@wyoboy, your welcome. Who knew this thread would also blow up into a Nakamichi deck love fest. Although I now have a lowly BX-2, the fact that the tapes were recorded on a 500 seems to ensure high quality playback. 
I recently restored a Nakamichi BX-2 (built in Japan) and cannot believe how good it sounds. It replaced a Kenwood double well deck that sounded mediocre in comparison.... Tapes from long ago still sound as good as they did back in the day. LP tracks I am recording to sealed Maxell XL-II  tapes sound very very close to the LP itself.
I find used prerecorded tapes at stores for $0.50 to $1.50 depending on how popular the release was. Is great way to find things that are unavailable or very very expensive on LP. No joke. They sound fricken awesome on a good deck like a Nak...

Yep, it ain’t no joke how good some tapes cam sound on a good  Nakamichi deck.

Just about any thread on Cassettes is going to end up being a Nakamichi lovefest.... for obvious good reasons.

I posted a wanted ad a week ago on Craigslist for Nakamichi decks. Like I had stated above, I was a Nak dealer for many years and owned quite a few, but over the years and with various life situations, I had to sell most of them.

My Nak rep, (he sold other gear too), retired a few years ago and I picked up a very clean LX3 from him for $100. He had others, but I didn’t have the money at the time.

Over the past few days, I bought a (9/10, but not working) LX5 that took me a couple of hours to work on and it runs like a champ now for $50 and just purchased a (8/10) 680ZX that had a complete Willy Hermann service, (he had the receipt) back in 2009, for $300, that runs like new.

Must say, Nak fever hit me hard, but I think I’m cured, (for the time being anyway).

(I don’t mean to make light of the COVID19 circumstance...Sorry!)