Cassette tape

I’m slowly but surely getting back into the analog thing via TT and Reel to Reel. We can all pretty much agree vinyl is different. Some people love it, some say it’s ok, some hate it and I say I like it because it’s differemt than digital. R2R is pretty awesome as well. In my opinion, it’s different and I like what I hear. But, what’s the thought on cassettes. Is there any usefulness? Think it'll make a comeback as well? Just curious. I have a chance at fantastic deal on a Nakamichi BX-300 deck. I owned one many years ago and besides the next level Dragon, this thing was pretty sweet. I like to get input from the forum and other thoughts before I indulge. 
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Thrilled! Got the call today that my restored and upgraded BX-300 is in final stages of testing and will be ready for pick up Friday. Can’t wait to get it back and next will be my 682-ZX. I’ll give update once back in hands and after testing it out.
I used make tapes ack in the 80s on TDK SA90 CrO2 from my LP12 with no Dolby and play them on a silver Pioneer deck in the car. No CD or MP3 I have now has sounded as good.
Just for the few dedicated souls who still actually play pre-recorded cassette tapes, you may find this usefull if any of your tapes have "the squeal"!

A couple days ago I played two back to back that developed the squeal part way through that just got unbearable before tapes end.

Now this I always thought was due to the transport getting sticky but  it now seems it is actually the tape itself that is sticking due to lack of lubricant. Who even knew that audio tape was lubricated??

And apparently the worse offenders are the XDR range of tapes that are claimed to all have been faulty direct from the factory.

Watch the youtube video, its got a bit too much blather in it for my liking BUT when he gets to the solution it is quite simple and I can attest to the fact that it WORKS!