Cassette Recorder replacement?

I rememeber as a kid, when ever I purchased a new album, I would record the album straight to tape when I got home. Well, times have changed and I'm no longer a kid. Maybe this should replace the tape deck?


Or is it just a spiral down the same path when the 80s were well on it's way? Only this time, with more bits?
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If you did this for the sake of your original treasures - well, you might go ahead these days and burn a CD. When I get home with new CDs, I throw them into my Mac, import them to iTunes, and/or my iPod and sometimes burn a CD for my brother in law or the car's CD-player. I still have a pile of tapes but the pile of(spare-) CDs is growing.
I still have this Nakamichi deck sitting in my system but its days are numbered, I'm afraid.