Cassandra Wilson

For those Cassandra Wilson fans who live in the New York metropolitan area, Cassandra will be playing this summer at the Planting Fields Aboretum in Oyster Bay, Long Island. I have not heard the exact date but as soon as it becomes available I will post it.
Thanks Liguy. I just marked that on my calander for the summer months until I find out the exact dates. Do you have a favorite album?
I was going through my jazz vocal CD's recently, and pulled out several of Cassandra's albums. In listening again to her work, I find my opinion of her varies substantially from album to album. I loved her first album, disliked her second (Blue Light 'Til Dawn), and thought one her more recent outings was OK, but not great. I'd be interested in knowing, and Martice asked, how folks rate her various CD's.
The first time i heard her, she was on "Today" show singing "Tupelo Honey" WITHOUT the the irrating snare whacks that are on the CD. I purchased an older CD and thought it sucked.
She's still the best jazz vocalist alive.
Hello Sdcampbell; You are, once again, right on, in my opinion. I found C.W. not to live up to the accolades received. I'd much prefer to listen to, say, Abby Lincoln(check out "A Turtles Dream" on Verve, you wont be sorry),Carmen McRae or Vanessa Rubin.
Purchased Blue Light and could not connect with it, much as I tried. Cassandra's version of "Blue Skies", though, is quite good in my opinion. Absolutely no disrespect meant towards Cassandra devotees.
Without a doubt, Cassandra Wilson has a beautiful "jazz" voice. I love the fact that she is willing to take chances with her music. However, like many of you I'm sure, I
would love to hear what she could do in an acoustic setting with a top shelf trio or quartet behind her. Her producers should turn off the EQ's, the drum machines, and the reverb and put her in front of a mike. We can only imagine!
She has a special voice and Blue Note records has done a good job in their recording quality. I have, and enjoy, both "New Moon Daughter" and "Traveling Miles." I have not heard any others.