Cash burning a hole What to upgrade?

I have some cash burning a hole in my pocket and want some thoughts on what might be a good use of $1-2K. I have a slightly weird setup right now.

Speakers: Acoustat Model II's and REL T2 subwoofer
Amp: Acurus DIA-100
CD player: Denon cd/dvd player
Interconnects: monster RCA and Mapleshade Clearview speaker cables

Any thoughts?
I would think an amp/and source upgrade would help much.
ICs try something like used Pro Silway IIs, and its not even2k
A dac for your cd's comes to mind. Lots of good used ones out there in your price range.
I used to have an Acurus RL-11 and A250, and while I like them a lot at the time, upgrading was a good move. You should consider moving up from your DIA. How about a Classe integrated?
Cambridge 840 cd player. You will be pleased in discovering your music all over again. I am a great believer in working back from the source.
get a better source.
Thanks for the suggestions. A new CD player and/or dac has been on my list for a while. I also know that the Acoustat's would rather have 300w a channel than 100w. Decisions, decisions, decisions.
you probably need to get rid of the monsters i would try the stereovox line for interconnects. i would make a huge difference
I agree with improving the source. Either a DAC or a better CD player. This will provide an amazing improvement. If you go with a DAC, you will need a Digital Cable. I would also suggest replacing your interconnects. Try some used Virtual Dynamic Nites - They have been going for $310 on Audiogon. If you are not happy with the bass, try a subwoofer. This may help take some load off your amp. Another thing to consider is replacing the power chords. Again, the Virtual Dynamics as many others make a big difference. I think you will find that all of a sudden your amp upgrade could wait a while.
Ditto the source and the power cords. Regarding power cords, I just replaced the stock power cord that came with my Musical Fidelity A5 integrated with a 1 meter PS Audio Power Punch ($49.95) and the improvement was SUBSTANTIAL; more bass and eveness of response. Mids are much better, more tube like and warm. What the heck is going on?

I was not a believer that power cords could make a difference. I was one of the world's biggest sceptics in this area, but this made such a huge improvement; even this modest expense was very noticeable and positive. One tweak that must be explored.
Sell your speakers here on the Gon and add your extra $2k to the loot ... you could get some serious used monitors now for that kind of money. I find it amazing that you can find 2 to 3 year old $10k speakers for ~$2.5k here just about every day.
DAC or better one box CD player. Amp would be next. I bought Anthem CD1 player (no longer made) with tube output DAC and it was a HUGE improvement over my $1K Audio Refinement.
Sumiko speaker set: