case/lang/veirs new album

Just wanted to share what I think is one of the best new albums of 2016. I can’t seem to take it off my turntable. I’ve listened to it at least a dozen times and it gets better each time. I am a little biased. I love Neko Case and have always been a fan of k.d. and Laura, but the three lord!

"case/lang/veirs" is the new LP by Neko Case, k.d.lang and Laura Veirs. This trio is incredible. Their voices harmonize like magic. It’s really kinda spooky.

The recording is exemplary. Very clean with great depth and sound-stage. Fantastic low frequency and smooth, open mids and highs. All around just a perfect recording.

Probably my number one pick for best albums so far this year.

I am actually going to see them this evening in Denver.  I bet it will be a incredible show.

Highly recommended!!!
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Hey @mofimadness,

Agreed. A great album.
Fantastic album. It, Black Star, new Radiohead and new James Blake are some of my faves this year. And need to spend more time with the new Savages. 

Interesting lil tidbit : I went to college with Laura Viers  
The show last night at the Denver Botanical Gardens was amazing.

The venue is gorgeous and the night was perfect, (except it was still hot from a 102 degree day).

The trio was absolutely locked in and the band was great.

Just a magical night.  See them if you can!
That must have been a treat for sure!

Anyone know anything about the recording that would point me to vinyl or hirez? Cheers,
Ordered it the other day.on vinyl.
An interesting trio for sure! I will check it out.
Listened to it this morning.

I was very pleasantly surprised that these three artists got together for an lp! I love It! I'm a big fan of all three. It seems that LV had the most influence on the lp given the sound, the song writing, and her husband TM, is the main producer.  5 stars for sure!