Case for active speakers

There was a one line mention of this white paper in a recent Stereophile. Thought it might be of interest to a few people.
Good job on sharing this article. I am high on "actives" having been down many "passive" roads.
Does anyone make "active" for a large room? I have actives KRK Rockit 5 form my "pc" desktop setup and out of a DAC they sound great for the size and cost. I also think most active these days use class D amps for cost, size, heat etc. (I happen to like class D amps)
like actives alot for near field (near your pc) type system
Yes, there are large active speakers. The KRK VXT8 would easily accommodate large rooms. Actually, the VXT6 (which I used in a desktop system for several years) works well in typical living rooms.

Many choices can be found here:

I have not run across any active speakers that use class D amps. Of the 4 pairs I've owned, all were class A/B.