Casablanca 1 scared the crap out of me

Anyone else have a Casablanca 1?

If so, do you get that really scary high pitch screeeeeech noise for a second or so while the processor is locking on to the Dolby Digital or DTS signal?!!!???

WHAT THE HELL??? Are you aware of any way to fix this?

In you experience is Theta willing to fix it (for free)?

Please help, I dont think my Thiel speakers can take this forever!!!

That was sometimes a problem with the CB1. I recall Theta had a chip upgrade to alleviate that problem, which would mute for say a second when you turn on or change audio source.

But CB1s are way out of warranty now. And I doubt Theta has chips to repair the CB1 anymore, but its possible.

But you can pay to upgrade it to the CB2 or to the CB3. The CB2 is a big improvement functionally and sonically.

If you bought it used recently, hey, your seller should have warned you about the problem. Because it should have been fixed back when the unit was in warranty.
I had that same problem with my CB I and other lock-up problems too. I recently did the CB III upgrade and it was well worth the money. It fixed everything and more!! If you own a CB I you owe it to yourself to do the CB III upgrade. It sounds better and the new software is excellent. :)
Hey Soda,

Yeah, I'll be doing the upgrade in due time ($$$).

I hear the difference is pretty amazing.

It cost 2k for original owners right?
Yup that was a problem with the early CB I. I had the same problem the ealer fixed it but I cant remember if it was a chip or software upgarde, I think it might have been a software upgrade.
BTW, the mod to a III is worth it.