Cary XCiter DAC vs Rega DAC

Anyone have any thoughts on this? I recently bought a Cary Xciter integrated and am leaning toward getting my first DAC rather than upgrade my CD player. Just more versatile. I'm generally a big fan of Rega, but I'm also a big believer in synergy. The reviews on both are great. Is the Cary worth the extra few hundred? Has anyone compared both DACs side by side?

Have not heard either. But if you are interested in PC audio, note that both of these only accept signals up to 48KHz over the usb connection. If you want to do high res audio, you will need a separate usb to s/pdif converter.
Cary and Rega dealer here------

Both are really quite nice, especially at their price points. And, as you stated, reviews for both a great.

The Cary Exciter DAC does work/match up very well with the Exciter Integrated. But, I bet you would be very happy with either.

What are you currently using for a CD player?

My CDP is an Arcam DV79. It sounds very good, but I used to keep both this and a Rega Saturn, so I know the difference in sound. I was thinking about getting another Saturn, but suddenly thought that the DAC might be a better alternative. Because I'm thinking down the road to when I might just consolidate and upload all my CDs in lossless to my Mac. Which, Dtc, has an optical out, so I can connect via toslink.

Basically I love Rega because their digital stuff achieves that analogue sound and sounds musical for a decent price. Taylor, how would you compare the Rega DAC and the Saturn? Most reviewers seem to say that they're about equal in terms of quality, though they each have a distinctive sound.
IMHO, I think the Rega Apollo + Rega DAC comes very close to the performance of the Saturn. The DAC may be a tad warmer and the Saturn a bit more detailed/analytical. As you most likely know, both use Wolfson Dacs that are very similar to each other.

I believe you are thinking correctly here by going with a DAC, if you are thinking about using your MAC to run music files later on down the road.

It would be a tough choice for me b/c both the Cary and Rega each have a ton of positives.

Yah, it is a tough choice. But I seem to be hearing that there is no significant quality difference. At least not $500 worth of difference.