Cary vs. Melody Valve

Has anyone compared a Cary SLI-80 integrated amp with a Melody amplifier? If so, what was the model? I can sell my Cary (modded with V-Caps) and I am wondering whether a Melody amplifier would be a good replacement.
Depends on your system and personal preferences.
The only Melody amps I've heard were 2a3 monos (and integrated) and my own M300b monos. The new line of Cary isn't my cup of tea but some older designs were pretty good.

Today I compared the Cary SLI-80 with much more expensive NAF Legend-II integrated amplifier equipped with the newly acquired NOS GEC KT-66 tubes and though they are not in the same league, jazz records (Coleman Hawkins, Nat King Cole, etc.) sound much better with Cary - more air and background focus, while the NAF excels in classics and has a better midrange. Apples and oranges...So Cary may stay for a while, though Melody is tempting...
What speakers are you using with Cary???
Just curious.

Concentus CTR-2 (open baffle, made in Italy).
Mariusz, please ... what is it about the new Carys you dislike vs. older?