cary v12i and v12r

does anybody know what the difference is between the two??
are they concidered reliable as far as tube amps go. and would they be a good match for infinty 1b midrange/tweeter panels. thank you
From my experience the "i" was a disappointment,the "R" is the racing version,although the specs were similar the input sensitivity in the "R" was tweaked so it played louder.I always liked the Cary for it's midrange and ability to make the speakers disappear.I had some fuse issues which were easily resolved,other than that I was impressed at the price point.
Can't comment on the compatiability with Infinity speakers.
From what I have heard, they are both reliable. The 12i was supposed to be an improvement sonically, but I heard that it was a step down instead. The 12r supposedly brought the sonics back closer to the sound of the original V-12, which is what most owners seemed to prefer.

I have the "i" version, and have heard the "r" as well, and imho, there was very little difference between the two, although I thought the "i" was just a tad more refined and quieter.
I love my Cary, have had zero issues with it over the last few years, and find it very musical and very listenable. I would think it would be a beautiful match with your 1b's - I used to run 2b's full range with this amp, and the lovely midranges were to die for, as they are now with my Audio Physic Virgos. And you always have the switchable Triode to UL in case you ever need more power.
I don't see how you could go wrong with this combo!