Cary v12 vs. Vac 80/80 vs. Music Reference RM-9

Seeking sonic comparisons between these three amps, one of which I'm considering buying used. My priorities are a rich, textured midrange, smooth treble (allergic to brightness), not too forward sounding, and given the first three, soundstaging. Bass is not a huge priority. My system is a Primare CD31 player, CJ Premier 10 pre, and Snell Type A speakers. I'm not about accuracy since many recordings are less than ideal. Looking for realism and richness/emotion of the music.

Does triode operation give that goosebumps midrange like no other? Or is it all about execution? Can an older RM-9 compete with the Cary and VAC?
Thanks in advance for any thoughts!
Hi all ! cant help with the vac or m r but I really like my v12 . I always use the cary on triode mode and the 4 ohm taps although my speakers are 8 ohm . It is a very nice amp and they can be had for under $2000 . Also , many different kinds of output tubes can be used . It is very smooth in the mids with sweet highs and good bass . Can sound a little dark at times with some cables and such .
I can't speak to the other two, but I have a Cary V12R driving a pair of Spendors and it sounds very nice. Deep and wide soundstage, really good instrument timbers - that sweet EL34 midrange everyone seems to love - and no harshness in the treble. I've had a minor hum problem with it, although it appears to be an external issue. Moving the pre to a different power supply and switching to the 4 Ohm taps fixed about 99% of it. Cary offers an upgrade to Cardas caps which was an audible improvement, but pricy. It's build like a tank and very heavy. Don't drop it, you might hurt your house. I don't see myself changing amps anytime soon.
Agree with Bradluke0 description, my v12 is awesome with Infinity Prelude Compositions or Tekton Lore. Fabulous all around. Rolling tubes with this amp is fun, albeit expensive.
I've had/have amps from all 3 manufacturers and owned both the RM-9 and V12i. The V12 will give you that classic Cary house sound with the lush (some might say syrupy) midrange. It certainly is a very flexible amp as well.

The RM-9, while a fine amp (I own a couple of Roger's other amps) is going to be much more neutral and transparent sounding. So I don't think this amp will offer the sound you are seeking.

I have not owned the VAC 80/80, but have owned the Auricle Musicblocs. IMO the VAC house sound, in addition to providing a glorious midrange, offers a very balanced musical presentation. Of the 3 amps listed and given your stated preferences the VAC would be my choice.
I have not heard the Cary, but have heard the other two. The RM9 is so much better than the VAC, it's almost funny. While I agree with Clio somewhat about the neutrality of the MR, when used with EL34s, it does have that midrange magic you seek. The VAC reminded me of SS, and not the (few) good SS amps out there.

RM9 gets my vote.