Cary V12 vs. V12i

I was curious if anyone has sent their V12 to Cary for the "i" upgrade. I haven't even contacted Cary to see if the standared V12 is upgradeable. If it can be modified, is the modification worth the time and the money, after all the amp is so good as it is? Thanks......Bob
Bob, I agree with you about the amp being good. Its really good. I have a friend who had the V-12 stereo and now has V-12I monos and he fills the I version is better quiet a bit. It really depends how much Cary will charge you to update but if its not to much then I would go for it cause he says there is a definite improvement in sound.Regards, Steve
Cary is now charging $500 for the upgrade. Please see
( under "news" for more information.