Cary V12 tubes...whats best ?

I have the V12 (no letter), and I have been running the SED "winged" EL34`s at 280ma as per the book (275ma).

She sounds great , but I wanted to try some Tung-Sol 6550`s because I was told that they were the best choice.

I have been rolling the 6922`s out and have ended up w/JJ`s.
I tried some Raytheon`s and some Virgin Commies.

Any advise on what tubes to try with the Tung-sol`s, and am I too high on the Bias.
I am also using an F1 SLP-98 Pre with some Hytron (Jan CHY)6sn7gt`s up front and some Popes in the Rear.

I think I will swap positions on these today though, to see if it sounds better.
But from swapping , the lettering is comming off of one of the Popes !!

What is the best choise for both, or either of these units.
Is it best to use all the same brand in both units to get a uniform sound ?

Thanks in advance..
Personally I have gone thru a major change in my power output tube of choice. Instead of using an EL34 (BTW I always used the JJ E34L blue glass, slavishly) try a tube that simply haas more sturm and drang meaning bang and sizzle Like the quality problem plagued KT-77, go for another true tetrode. The tubes I use now are both tetrodes in my 2 systems. There is the 6CA7 which indeed is not a direct sub because it delivers much more presence and wieght the difference is not subtle.
The other tube you can try in a tetrode are the KT-88s which are once again in their true glory as the New Sensor Gold Lion. No other KT-88 I am aware of has the midrange magic of the EL 34 and deliver all the headroom you could use. Those are my recommendations for the power tubes. The Gold Lion is still being sold for a relatively high price for a current production tube. The EH 6CA7 no other designation it acceptable they must be labled as the 6CA7 are priced in the earths ecosphere . I wont even try the JJ KT-77s until I hear that their QC is fantastic , what a hole they dug
The preamp tubes have wild price fluctuations. If you can I strongly recoimmend the E88CC-01!or CV 2943 not 2 which are common. These tubes are made by MMullard or I should have said were once a while back for military use only. It turns out to be the cleanest sounding Mullard I have heard and wouldn't be surprised if they are Siemens Halskes rebadged they are reall a great input drive tube I had to email a guy in Sweden to get mine for a fortune but they are my favorites fro the 6922 family so far. If you can find them I think your uncle Kevy has them they are a must try.
6SN7s are my favorite tube and I have a comprehensive collection. The one you are using are good. What did you want from them. If the answer is dynamics the Tung Sol Rps are probably the most dynamic with the bad boy and Sylvania early type that are labeled 6SN7 no GT or anything else those are the way they came. They are a tad euphonic but thats good as far as I am concerned we need more euphonics in everything we do....Oooops I got carried away. The Obvious tube wich has benn a bit overexposed are the famous "W"s. They are the best tubes in my cary pre by a long strech . They have a price tag thought that is high. If you like profundo Basso then try the Ken Rad gts.
Well that's what I can tell you.
Thanks for the reply !

I do trust Uncle Kev`s advise, as that is where I got the tubes for my pre...and my pre for that matter !

I will take your advise and search out the obscure/other than mainstream tube type and see what happens.

I have been reading alot about tubes today.....
I Love this hobby !!

I am currently getting a very clean sound, and my system seems very synergetic and I am happy with the sound I am getting presently, I just want to experiment with some Totems, and some new tubes..

Thanks again for your input.
I have a Cary V12R w new EL-34 Ruby tubes. All matching. Cary SLP98P Preamp new w/ stock tubes. I sold 7 signal processors when going from SS to tubes, and no longer need them. Ask Gerald Walsh of Cary Audio for advise. BTW YES, you have the bias set too high. 238 is what you should set the bias to. Good luck.
Thanks for the help Polk432

I will do that...
I am also rnning Polk Audioo Lsi9`s.....I see your sig is Polk.
Are you also running Polk Speakers ?
I have the first gen V12 also, and I have been using Ruby KT88's for a couple of years now. I tried the stock Ruby El34's, and much preferred the KT88's.

As far as bias goes, I'm running 235 on the KT88's... 275-280 is too high.

My speakers are Vienna Acoustics Beethoven's (the originals)