Cary v12 power cord

i will likely purchase a cary v12 amp in the near future and would like to know what power cords people have used to their satisfaction.
this amp is likely to be my reference for the near and distant future. i would like to begin thinking about outfitting it with the best posssible pc. for those that may suggest another amp altogether, i have spent some time listening to cary amps lately, and have been shocked by the overall musicality. utterly non-fatiguing, toe-tapping amps, the v12 is an exceptional stereo amp that is both powerful and refined. bass slam is not up to par with the most heavily damped solid state units i've heard, BUT i cannot imagine listening to these ss units long term. that is not to say that bass weight, slam, presentation and coherence is lacking at all. what i have enjoyed immensely though is the cary allows the mind and ears to concentrate on the music rather than an aspect of it, at least imo.
i know that there are a lot of tube manufacturers out there, so im not trying to open a debate on tube amps nor enter into a hair splitting contest about amp attributes.

anyway, the first pc that comes to mind that i may try in combination with the amp is a PS Audio Lab cable, but i am open to other suggestions.
i don't mind purchasing used here on audiogon
currently using the absolute power cord from gtt audio with my current amp and will be using this pc when the cary arrives.
i am in no rush (the amp is my first step toward a more refined reference system) and will try to audition what is suggested if possible, but do not want to get on the pc merry-go-round.
your personal experience with this particualr amp and the pc cord that helps it come most into its own is what i'm looking for.
any thoughts on ics and speaker cable is also welcome
currently using alpha core goertx m2 sp cable and tourmaline ics with satisfaction.

thank you in advance
PS audio outimate outlet.
Recently purchased a Cary V12i, an exceptional amplifier. I had 2 power cords on hand, ESP Essence and Coincident. In my system I picked the Coincident over the Essence, felt it was little more open and dynamic. Not day and night difference but better.
Powersnakes Taipan is the choice for my V12i. It tightened the bass and extended it and improved the microdynamics and resolution. This isn't a "star dust "filled cable. It is their amp/preamp cable. One of these on your amp and a Python on your CD source is sufficient.