Cary V12 opinions wanted

Anyone care to venture an opinion on the new Cary V12 amp? How does it compare to the 805C or other tube amps? Compared to good SS like the BAT 500 or Krell FPB series? No dealer in my area but very interested in this amp.

I heard the V12 and 805C in the same set up and defintely the 805C sound better. Bigger sound, image, more rich tone, better soundstage and focus.
I recently bought the V12. In triode mode I cannot imagine a better sounding amp (I do not like the sound in Ultra-Linear). Like all amplifiers, the sound will depend on the speakers. I am currently using the V12 to drive a pair of Martin Logan SL3. Electrostats are very revealing. The V12 takes the harshness out of the sound while still leaving the detail. I have heard many amps, including the ARC 100.2 and Krell FPB, with the Martin Logans. Nothing I have heard compares to the sound of the V12, especially for $4,000.

The 805C should sound better, but at more than twice the cost of the V12 I do not see how anyone can justify the cost for a minor improvement in sound.

I don't suggest comparing solid state amps to tube amps. Assuming your speakers are efficient enough to live with 50 - 100 watts, you must decide whether you like to sound from solid state amps or the sound from tube amps.

If you like the tube sound, I do not think you can go wrong with the V12.
I have never heard this baby but kudos to Cary for marvelous marketing; the whole V-12 thing and the Jaguar paint and all that. I don't care what it sounds like, I want one!
I auditioned a V12 connected to a pair of B&W Nautilus 803 speakers. I hoped the amp would sound as good as the pictures of the amp look in magazines. I planned to trade my Cary SLM-100 monoblocks on a V12 if the V12 met my expectations.

Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in the amp. The demo at my local dealer did not have the build quality I have come to expect from Cary. The tube sockets were crooked,
causing the tubes to point off in different directions.

The sound, too, was a disappointment. I auditioned the amp in triode mode, and the sound was much harsher and thinner than I expect from a Cary amp. I have always loved Cary's for having a warm, rich, full sound, and this amp didn't seem to have any of that.

After hearing the amp, I suspected that it could just be a poor set-up, so I had the dealer substitute 805c's for the V12 in the same set-up. The 805c was pure heaven. I have never heard and amp as good as the 805c, and it is still my favorite.

I read the review in Stereophile, and I admit that it is possible that my dealer got a bad V12. Unfortunately, the sound of the V12 was so bad that I don't plan to give it a second chance. I am going for 805c's even if it means I have to wait for a while until I am ready to spend the extra money.

My advice??? Spend the extra money for the 805c. That's what I plan to do. I know that the 805c's are double the money, but they are worth every extra penny.