cary v12 monos vs cj premier 5 monos

pre- cj pv10a
amp- bryston 3b st
sp-martin logan questz(old ones B&W N805)
tunner-magnum dyno 90t
cd/dvd-pioner dv-ax10

need to know which one to buy?
cj sound great!but will coast 4000 US.
cary also sound great!but will coast 5500US.
what should i do?

You buy what you like. They are both reputable manufacturers. Don't let someone else make decisions for you.

Premier 5 is pretty old model. A classic though. V12 has been through several iterations, V12, V12i, V12r, be sure you are getting the version that you really want.
$4,000 is very high for the CJ amps. They usually go for closer to $2,500. As stated they are getting on in years and are probably due for some maintenance (new capacitors and tubes)if it hasn't been done already.

You can find Premier 12's for less and Premier 8's for not much more.

I appologize for my response it may have seemed a bit harsh. However, it is odd to me that people whant other people to tell them what to buy when they are the one having to live with the desicion. To that end and you did ask. I would second Herman's suggestion go with CJ and buy either the 12's or if you can swing it the 8's. Good Luck and again I apologize for the first response.