Cary V12 Monoblock with Revel Studio

Anyone know if the Cary V12 monoblock can drive the revel studio? Had tried the 805 anniversary with the studio did not have the juice for the revel. Any info will be greatly appreciated.
revels prefer big ss amps
I think it would work, but just barely. (The V12 has 100W/ch, correct?)

I used to use my Levinson No. 27 (100W/ch.) but quickly upgraded to the No. 23 (200W/ch) as it sounded better. The No. 27 did not sound bad, just not as open and dynamic as the No. 23 does.

The Revel line does seem to like to have plenty of power.
I do think that your having a monoblock design would help though, as that would mean more current to each speaker.

Hope that helps. Good Luck!
The new v12 R model offer 100 triode mode and 200 ultra-linear, I used to have ML 336 with the studio just switching to tube. Thanks for the info.
I have the V12i running my B&W N802 and it sounded great. As you know, B&W Nautilus Speakers are power hungry. Just like you, I used to have Classe CAM350 with it. after A/B both amps, I went with V12. No regret.