Cary V12

Hi all ! I have a Cary V12 amp that I have decided to experiment with . After talking with Cary I have decided to try it with most of the output tubes removed.As most of you probably know there are a total of 12 output tubes , 6 per side . Last night I removed 4 tubes per side so I am now running 2 per side . This, in triode mode is about 16 wpc . I re-biased the tubes to 35 ma per tube . Cleaner , more detail and strangely enough , more bass . Was looking for a 15 - 20 wpc tube amp , this makes me re-think that . Btw , I only need 5 - 15 wpc with my 98db speakers .
I had 100db Lowthers and I used 2w amps all the time with no trouble at all
Yah but more power really isn't a big problem because the amp's gain does not increase all that much. Are you just being economical?
Hi all ! No , not trying to be economical just wanted to see how the amp would sound with only 2 tubes per channel instead of 6 . My experience has always been that the lower powered amp of 2 amps (of the same mfr and amp family) sounds better . Again this has proved to be true , probably due to the less output devices . Plus in florida with 12 tubes running ( plus the four tubes in the cd player and the eight tubes in the preamp ) things can get out of control .Lucky over the winter I installed a new a/c system .
What part of Florida do you live in. I had a V12R that you could cook burgers on. Sounded great, but the CAD 120's I have now sounds better and runs lots cooler even though it heats up the room. I hooked it up to the 98P SLP and really love the sound, but how do you keep the room cool? I never knew you could run the amp by removing tubes without hurting it. I used to have the bias set at 238ma. Have you tried running the amp inbetween triode and ultralinear by staggering the tubes?
Hi all ! I live in south Tampa . I keep the room cool by upgrading the a/c and only running 4 tubes instead of 12 . 238 ma sounds right as 40ma is about the max per tube (6 tubes x 40ma = 240) . Not sure about the cad120 but the v12 you can run 2 , 4 or 6 tubes per side . You cant run odd numbers as they are push pull . I run them in slots 3 and 4 ( middle pair on each side . Dont know what you mean by staggering the tubes , mine has switches to change any PAIR of tubes from triode to UL.For each PAIR of tubes I am running 70 ma .