Cary Tube Preamps HT passthrough

I downgraded my system a couple of years back until I could get a dedicated media room, and guess what? I'm building one right now!!

I have most of the equipment picked out, and a bunch of it already purchased. Let me give you the list so you will see where I am going:

Magnepan 3.6
Bel Canto Ref 1000 monoblocks
Denon 5910ci
ProJect RM9
Denon AVR 3808 (processor and power to center and backs)
SVS Ultra2 subwoofer
Maggie MMG-W rears and Center

My question is about the preamp for my front end. I want a Cary tube preamp, with a phono stage. Does it matter which one? I have heard that they will upgrade any of the older preamps to have a phono stage and HT passthrough, is that true? If so which one would be recommended?

Also, I had planned on a Velodyne DD12 or JL Audio Fathom for my sub but read so much good stuff about the SVS thought that I would give it a try.

Opnions are more than welcome, I have been out of the hobby for a while and can't wait to get going again.
Of course it matters which Cary preamp ... the more you spend, the better you get. The only two Cary preamps I am aware of that have HT bypass built in are the SLP-03 and SLP-05. Unfortunately neither of these can be ordered with a built-in phono stage. The SLP-98 can be ordered with a built-in phono stage.

Not sure if older Cary preamps can be upgraded by Cary to implement HT bypass, but it is such a simple matter that you could do it yourself if you are handy with a soldering iron. Choose one of the inputs as your HT bypass. Look at the switch and find the wire that goes to the volume control, and the one that comes back. Cut both the wires, and join them. Presto - instant HT bypass. Of course this voids your warranty.


You have the SLP 05, what is the difference between that and the 98?

Great advice on the HT Passthrough, sounds like a plan. I was leaning towards the 98, not sure with my system that the 05's extra cost would be worth it, but....

I just put hour # 100 on a new Cary SLP 98 P Preamp. It was hooked up to a McIntosh 7270 amp. I sold the amp today and bought a pristine Cary V12R amp. I was so pleased with the sound of the preamp that I sold a parametric eq, graphic eq, dbx range expander, spatial enhancer, and may even sell the bbe sonic maximizer that I had hooked up. I can't wait to hear what the amp preamp sounds like. I think just about anyone would like a Cary SLP 98 P in their system, unless they have 100,000 or more to spend.