Cary sound?

Thinking about purchasing Cary amps, and was interested how they rate vs rest of the tube amps in the same category, including reliability? Thanks!
Pwr tubes for 300B and 805 series (of Cary) will only half life that normal condition. Tubes biased at 2 times higher than normal condition. That's why they have big power output compare to same model amps from another factory.

I compared : Cary 300B SEI (1,5 years old) sounds bass shy and have smaller soundstage when compare to Opera Audio/Consonance Ref 5.0 (20 hours burn in only since new).
Of course new Ref 5.0 still lose on musicality , noise floor , depth. Ref 5.0 still need more burn in (at least 200 hours). Anyway 5.0 is much more cheaper.

My 2 cents.

I have Cary 300B SE monoblocks with WE 300B tubes. I have listened heavily for 3 years with great joy and without a problem. I have had no issues with tube longevity except to replace the 6SN7s x 4.

As, for the Cary sound, it is to die for in my humble opinion. Last night a dealer for Audiopax/Avantgarde was at the house listening to my system. He owns Quicksilver's as well. He repeatedly commented upon how clear and rich the SET sound was. I will not put down any other amps but I endorse the Cary products without reservation.

I also have a Cary SLP-98P, and my comments are ditto for that pre-amp as well.

Since I have high efficiency (103dB) horns, the Cary's are not overly worked. The key to tube longevity could also reflect the speaker - amp match.
My CAD2A2-SE is my second Cary amp, the first being the V12. I have been an Audio Research supporter for well over 20 years never thinking I would want something else.

My speakers (Coincident Victory’s) are 97db efficient, so 3 1/2 watts is plenty. As far as the Cary “sound” it is quite amazing, female vocals are to die for. Sound stage hasn’t been bettered by any other amp that I have listened to in my system whether it be friends SS amps or amps including some SS and tube amps that I have owned since the Cary was brought in. As far as base shy, as the above stated was missing, I guess that is subjective. Even my 3 ½ watt 2A3 amp has enough base for my room and occasionally I like a little Dire Straights. Audition if you can, again as stated above it may not be for everyone, however, my vote is a true thumbs up. Good luck........Bob
Cary sound? Liquid, immediate, delicate, involving, holographic, with best female vovals I've ever heard. Macrodymamics could be a little better, but than again, it's not a monster solid state Krell... As far as the tube life goes, the KR 300B in my 300B SE signature monoblocks still work great after almost three years of heavy use. All the 6sn7's test good too.
There is a saying about a specific brand of tube products regarding their "air", "liquidity", "musicality" and "depth of soundstage". It is called "Cary Magic" and not without good reason.

Having said that, i've always found Cary products to be noticeably "tubey" sounding i.e. warm and romantic. If that is the sound you like and are after, i don't think that you could go wrong with Cary gear. Sean
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P.S. - Who are these 'Carys' chaps?
I am using the Cary 572SE's which use the Svetlana SV-572. They claim 20wpc but sound much more powerful. I really enjoy the sound of them. I have had all sorts of amps from ARC, Kora, Aronov, BAT, etc.. I think these have a similar sound to the BAT VK60 but maybe a bit warmer with better bass. Finding a preamp that matches is the harder part. I tried the AES/Cary AES-3 which is 6SN7 based and it had a lot of air but lacked something in the low end. I then tried the Cary SLP-50 which had better bass but lacked the open sound of the AES-3. The AES-3 was highly tweaked. I am now using an Audio Research LS-3 which is solid state and it very sweet sounding. I may have found a match.

One thing to mention is that the SV-572 tube is becoming more scarce. I stockpiled a bunch of them and I think that New Sensor has the rest. The 572SE amps can be modified by Cary to accept the 300B for approx. $750 including a set of Electro Harmonix 300B's. Sorry for all the history. The bottom line is that the Cary's have a nice sound.
I have an SLI50 integrated and it is dead quiet first of all. Sound emanates from a black silence that is crystal clear and it possesses excellent dynamics both micro and macro. You hear all the detail with no harshness or spot-lighting. It has excellent extension on the top end and a solid bass. It does have a tube sound in that leading edges of notes are slightly rounded off. I will never sell this amp. It is a lifetime keeper for me. This unit is five years old and I have replaced the output tubes only and just replaced the power switch which failed (autopsy revealed burnt contacts) which is not an easy job plus a new selector switch (it was getting noisy). The parts and build quality appear excellent except the switches I replaced. They were inexpensive (8.75) and looked that way. However, they do have a nice feel when in use. I would purchase another Cary product if the right piece came along. I do use a competing brand (VAC) in my big system because they fit my requirements in that system. The VAC gear is more expensive. My SLI50 is the best value.