Cary slp98p questions

Does anyone knows if it is ac coupled or dc coupled ?

Also cary slp98 owners are you happy functioning this preamp in generall ?
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supposedly the slp98 can come dc coupled. Currently have one in my stereo low level listening system and am in love with the unit...functioning of the unit is fairly straightforward, no problems so far (do not have the phono section in this unit).
I want it ac coupled. , which are the parts of your system ??
also what is your preamp for your better system ?
Currently I have SLP-98P in a Cary V-12R, Cary CD-308T, Cary Silver Oak III and VPI Scoutmaster/Grado Reference system. It is the star of the system and the best money I spent.

Mine is not DC coupled. I listened to one that was. It changed it, I liked the regular one better. I found more of difference when I changed tubes than the coupling!
I also own the SLP98 (linestage). What a great sounding piece of equipment. It came with the Cary's upgraded oil caps, which I thought sounded below average. I replace them with Hovlands - "WOW" - they took the Cary to a higher quality sounding preamp that I could never imagine.

Hats off to Dennis Had and his company with their superior sounding equipment.
Anyone knows how much the Cary slp-98 goes for in the used market? 8/10 or better.