Cary SLP98 vs. Rogue 99 Magnum

Im looking at purchasing a higher end preamp and I need some advice. I bought a AES AE-3 a year ago to mate with a Bryston 4Bst and fell in love with the sound that this little gem did with its 6sn7's. I want to stay with a 6sn7 based preamp. Your oppinions and expertise is greatly appreciated.

thanks, kris
I have a 99 magnum with Bryston 7B-ST's. Match made in heaven. I haven't heard the Cary.
Like Rbirke I can't comment on the Cary but my older Rogue 66 Magnum worked very well with my 4B-ST and subsequently my Magnum 99 married very well when I owned a 4B-SST. The 99 is a serious leap forwards over the 66 and the magnum version is worth the bucks! Mark O'Brien is great to deal with.
I've got a Cary SLP-30 paired with a 4B-ST and I love the way it sounds. I may change to something else to experiment, but am happy with the way this sounds, especially for a "entry level" tube preamp.
Never heard Cary in my system but auditioned at dealer i pick Rogue 99 Magnum over Cary 98 anyday it's awesome it has expanded soundstage, palpability, clarity, drive, bass slam that Cary can't match it even beats my own BAT VK-31SE in wide soundstage, clarity and palpability in my system.
Interesting. I auditioned 99 vs SLP98 at my dealer, and the Rogue was clearly more veiled, and dark sounding. The Cary was far superior...

Hence, to the original poster, you need to hit the stores and hear for yourself!