Cary SLP98-P

Thinking about upgrading from an AES AE-3 MKII linestage.....

How does the MM phono section in the SLP-98P compare to other stand-alone, tubed phono stages? I recently picked up one of Ray Samuels' Nighthawk battery-powered phono stages, but would also like to have the option of running my TT through tubes.

I have the SLP98P. You need a minimum of 1.4mv if you are trying to use a MC Cart. My cart is a Dynavector 10/5 MC mounted to a Linn Ittok II tonearm. I works very nicely. You already have a tube phono stage, so no use in spending money on anything else. BTW the 98P is mated to the CAD 120s amp. I had the Nagaoaka MP 11 MM and the Linn K18 II MM, and they seemed to work fine also. Good luck, and enjoy that Cary.
Polk432 -

Thanks for the info! If I picked up the Cary, I'd only be looking to run MM carts through it like the Clearaudio Virtuoso. The Nighthawk seems to be handling the Ortofon Rondo MC nicely so far.

I had a 10x5 mounted on my Linn/Basik at one time and found it to be a nice combo.