Cary slp05 vs Conrad Johnson CT6

I am looking to add a preamp to my system. Currently have an AV Processor and want to add preamp for two channel. Both Cary and CJ have the Theater pass-through which I want. Am looking for any one that can comment on musical comparison between the two. Both have received excellent reviews. Looking for input/feedback. Thanks
The very, very little bit that I heard with the SLP 05 is that it can be a bit soft, lacking enough detail and punch for my tastes. Though since you have also questioned about comparing this to the CJ, this may be just what you are seeking as CJ has a "traditional" tube sound as many people state (which equates with this type of sound). Everything else that I heard with the Cary was very good, but again my listening was brief and not in my system. Both companies are excellent and I think the CJ will hold its value better (FWIW).

There are many other preamps that fit your bill that are also very good. But at this point, I am assuming you have already done this research and don't want other preamps thrown into the mix. If this is not accurate, just indicate so by posting a follow up and you will get quite a few good recommendations.
Thanks for the input. Yes you are right I am looking for that musical (on warm side) sound.
Lefhan, I would be tempted to go with the Cary, if you get one of the used ones that seem to be selling at just about $4,000. When I was looking at a new preamp, I almost bought a Cary (used, at this price on Audiogon) in February 08.

If you are a bit more patient, you are likely to find a better deal during the summer months when the prices drop due to slowness. But also, the amount of used equipment also drops.

I felt the Cary delivered an exceptional sound stage, this was its greatest selling point in my book.
Choffend, I have decided on the Cary. I got one used on Audiogon. Awaiting its delivery. Thanks and good listening.